Why AphraHeals is All You Need for Aftercare


There used to be all kinds of treatments and medicine to take care of infections after piercing. And there still are. But when it comes to treatment and aftercare, Piercing Handbook uses only one product only: AphraHeals. Honestly, this product is all you need to heal your piercing. Read all about how this solution was discovered and why you do not need anything else.

20 Years Ago

When piercing became popular 20 years ago, things were very different. Piercings were not as common and the most popular of all was a belly button piercing. Piercings were not commonly accepted in society. It was rebellious, daring and unusual to have one. A team in a piercing studio in Amsterdam started piercing many people, especially young ones, in their studios and on festivals that they worked at. They loved it. After 20 years in the field, they became leading experts in everything to do with piercing.

Bad Infections

Most of the time, piercings continued to look good. And with proper attention, the healing proces was smooth and quick. Unfortunately, this was not always the case. The team in Amsterdam had gained a lot of experiece and wanted to know what exactly went wrong in some cases. Somtimes, they witnessed bad infections or grown-out piercings. What caused these?

Soap and Tea Tree

They always used clean materials and had a lot of expertise. In fact, they were the first ones to get official approval from the Dutch Public Health Service (GGD). And they stuck to all guidelines for hygiene. The GGD advised them to use antibacterial soap. So they provided all their customers with it. Not all of them were happy about that though. Some customers got infections from the soap because they did not always rinse soap residue out. So this was not an ideal solution.

Tea Trea Oil

They continued their search. One customer told them that she used tea tree oil on her piercing. She noticed a fast and effective healing. Thinking this was a great idea, they started provinding all their customers with tea tree oil. That should work, right? Yes, for most people. But some customers experienced severe allerlgic reactions. So they soon stopped using tea tree oil.

Sea Salt Solution

They did not give up and continued their search by starting to use a sea salt solution. Maybe that would work. They provided it to customers and none had any allergic reactions. So that seemed to be the way to go! However, the healing process did not go any faster. It was good, but not good enough. They figured there must be a better way to go.

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From Sea Salt to AphraHeals

Upon further researching sea salt, they found out that there are different kinds of sea salt. They moved to Celtic sea salt. It worked well, but did not make the healing process faster. Then they discovered fleur de sel (“flower of salt”). It contains more than 15 times the amount of minerals of regular sea salt. You could call it a fine kind of sea salt. After experimenting with it for a long time, the team discovered an effective way to use this form of sea salt.

So they started providing it to their customers who were experiencing bad infections of grown-out piercings. And of course they advised them on how to use it. Miracles started happening! The solution caused very fast, overnight healing. Of course, sometimes it lasted a bit longer than one night, but they had never seen such fast healing and recovery!

AphraHeals: A Real Breakthrough

Obviously, everyone was very happy with the results. Customers in the Amsterdam studio who had infections or outgrowth started telling others about the solution and more and more people started benefitting from it. And that is the story of how AphraHeals came into existence!

How to Use AphraHeals

It is very easy. If you have an infection, wet the sachet containing the fleur de sel and put it on the infected area. Attach it with a band aid or hairband, or both. And leave it on for the night. If the wound starts drying, wet it again with the enclosed pipette. After a few nights, the bad infection will be gone.

If you do not have an infection but just want to speed up the healing process, use AphraHeals for just 15 minutes and repeat twice a day. That way, your piercing will heal fast and easily.

At Piercing Handbook, we want to help people with the piercing healing process. So we have decided to make the product available for sale through our channels. AphraHeals is a miracle treatment for fast and effective healing after getting pierced. Click here to get your own product.

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