A Piercing Bump and How to Treat it

What is a piercing bump? Some piercings such as cartilage ear piercings and noses are prone to getting “bumps,” a small, raised area around the exits of the hole of the piercing. A lot of people will call them keloids. But in most cases, a bump is something different. What is a piercing bump and how can you heal it?

What Is a Piercing Bump?

A piercing bump is an irritation. Sometimes they are caused by allergies, genetics, incorrect fitting or incorrect jewelry, trauma such as sleeping on it or snagging it, or by piercing it incorrectly or with a piercing gun. Often it is just bad luck. Although these bumps are not dangerous, they can feel a little painful and itchy. They can also fill with blood and other fluids. This is not necessarily a sign of infection but it can be. If you think you have an infection, you should always seek medical attention. Read here how to heal your infection safe and fast.

What Causes a Piercing Bump

Our bodies are amazing at healing. However, we are not meant to have foreign objects in them. Once we injure ourselves, the body starts a series of steps to repair the area. A piercing is essentially a self-inflicted wound. You put a hole in your body and place an object there to keep the wound open. We are asking our bodies to heal around the jewelry and to create new tissue. Having the correct jewelry material and size and, above all, the proper aftercare is essential. Because we want our bodies to allow the piercing to stay and heal properly. Once you trigger your immune system, your body will adjust in ways you may not like and create a piercing bump.

How to Heal a Piercing Bump

To get rid of a piercing bump, you need to be patient as they can take a while to disappear. It could take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months to go away. You want to make sure you are taking care of the piercing bump in the meantime though. Because they can get worse without proper care. Don’t just hope it will go away by tiself. Check if you used the correct jewelry size and material. After that, all you need is Aphraheals.

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Use AphraHeals to Heal Your Bump

There is only one product that almost instantly heals a piercing wound. And it does so easily. The solution is Aphraheals. Aphraheals is almost like a mircale treatment. It contains a special solution with fleur de sel. If you have an infection, wet the sachet containing the fleur de sel and put it on the infected area. Attach it with a band aid or hairband, or both, and leave it on for the night. If the wound starts drying, wet it again with the enclosed pipette. After a few nights and sometimes even the ver ynext day bad infection will be gone.

If you do not have an infection but just want to speed up the healing process, use Aphraheals for just 15 minutesand repeat twice a day. That way, your piercing will heal fast and easily.

healing a piercing bump with Aphraheals

Aphraheals Heals Within a Day

In most cases, an infected piercing will heal within a day after treating it with AphraHeals. Swelling diminishes, pus-like discharge disappears and the skin colour around the piercing changes. Natural colour comes back as well as normal skin. At Piercing Handbook, we want to help people with the piercing healing process. So we have decided to make the product available for sale through our channels. Get your own product here and try it yourself.

More About Aphraheals

AphraHeals is a miracle treatment for infected piercings and the best solution to speed up the healing process. Read here to find out the how this solution was discovered and why it works so fast. That is not all there is to it, though. You can use Aphraheals to heal all kinds of wounds, not just piercings. Click here to check 9 amazing amazing ways to use AphraHeals.

What about those keloids though? Isn’t that the same? No, keloids are different. Read about them here and learn how to deal with them.

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