Sleeping with a New Piercing – the 5 Ultimate Tips

sleeping with piercings

Getting a new ear piercing or any other piercing for that matter is fun exciting. You know it is going to look great once it has healed and everyone will love it. But in the beginning, it is difficult to sleep with a new piercing and it can be painful for a while. We know all about this. And we have the perfect solution for you. Check out these 5 tips and you will be sleeping with new piercings much better.

Sleeping Comfortably with Your New Piercings

1. Clean to Prevent Infection

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The first and foremost thing is to keep the pierced part clean. Cleaning is very important as you don’t want to get an infection. Wash your hands first and then clean the area with AhraHeals. Check the details on how to heal you piercing fast and easily with the right aftercare. In case your piercing is in a hard to reach spot you can let it rinse in a sterile saline solution for 15 minutes. Put the AphraHeals gauze in the solution and put the wet gauze on your piercing. You can do this as often as needed. But make sure to pat the area dry afterwards. If you leave the area wet for too long, bacteria can accumulate and cause infection. Also, change your bedsheets and pillowcases regularly during the healing process to keep them free from bacteria.

2. Don’t Sleep on the Piercing

Seems so obvious but yes, this will help. When you get a new piercing you should never sleep on the piercing side. For example, if you get a belly button piercing, you should not sleep on your stomach. Try to sleep on your back. Try different positions if needed. This may take some time to adjust for a certain sleeping position but it is worth it.

3. Use Pillows for Sleeping with Your Piercing

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You can use pillows to elevate certain areas of your body to sleep comfortably. If there are not enough pillows you can also use rolled-up sheets and clothes. Another option for sleeping after is to get a nice cushy and comfy pillow and place it on the top of your arms so you don’t move around at night.

4. Stay Calm while Sleeping with New Piercings – Healing Takes Time

You have to stay calm and tension-free when you get a new piercing. The process of healing the pierced holes will take time. You must wait for up to four weeks to let the holes heal completely. Ask you professional piercer for details. You might get irritated or fussy about the discomfort of the piercing because it may hurt. But that is normal. And it will go away, we promise.

5. See a Doctor if Necessary

  • You may experience slight bleeding after you get a new piercing. But if it continues and does not stop after 2 to 3 days you should see your doctor.
  • If you get rash and constant itching in the pierced area.
  • Redness on all over your body and constant headaches after piercing. 
  • If you experience any discharge from the piercing.
  • If you get swelling around the piercing and it does not go away.

Taking Piercings off Before Sleeping

Sometimes you feel so irritated or discomfort while sleeping with new piercings that you want to take them off. But it is never recommended to take off your piercing to sleep! The new piercing takes time to heal and the holes may actually close at night if you take the piercing off. The holes will take up to 6 weeks to heal completely. During this time, you should not take the piercing out even for changing the studs or rings. Make an appointment with your piercer to check if the holes are properly healed. Taking out a piercing before it is healed propoerly can result an infection and you do not want that.

Sleeping with New Piercings on Both Ears

Sleeping with a new ear piercing on both ears can be a difficult task as you cannot choose a side while sleeping. You have to sleep straight on your back or stomach. So here are some tips you can use when you get both ears pierced.

1. Use a Travelling Pillow

You can use the U-shaped /traveling pillowcase around your neck to protect your ear piercing from hurting. This will help your ears to stick-out a little and you can sleep comfortably.

2. Use Silicone Plugs

The sharp earrings may be a cause for your discomfort in sleep. Try silicone plugs and put them over the earrings. This will help your ears to stay comfortable. In addition, this will stop your piercing from closing up.

3. Keep Your Hair Away From the Piercing

Your new ear piercing is sensitive. So if your hair is over your ear it can stick to and pull on the new piercings. Always tie back your hair and keep it away from your piercings.


While piercing is a fun and exciting activity to do, there are many things to take into account. For example, you may be allergic to the metal that is used for piercing. It is important to know if your body is allergic to the piercing metals beforehand. You might get an infection or reaction after piercing. Some may not be able to handle and bear the pain of piercing. So make sure you are prepared. Above all though, you need to use the proper aftercare with the best products. Go to this Piercing Aftercare section on our website to find out how to take care of your piercing and which product to use.

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