How would you like it if…

  • You’ll be shouted out on one of the biggest piercing community pages in the world and get real Instagram followers in the piercing/tattoo/alternative niche
  • Receive more engagement and visibility on Instagram and possibly get new clients or even business inquiries?
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Piercing shoutout


Why would you want shoutouts?

Simple, when you receive an Instagram shoutout, you can grow your Instagram account rapidly. Because we have a real, active and viral accounts we’ll guarantee more engagement on Instagram. More followers leads to more possible clients for your piercing shop. Summarizing: it’s a returning investment in your business.

Very often people ask if we can promote their work, but they don’t trust the results. They don’t believe our shoutouts work. And unfortunately, they don’t want to make this investment.

Therefore, we did a few case studies where we show some real statistics of real piercing artists and their Instagram accounts. In this page we’ll evaluate some results they get. So please continue reading >


What about these results?

As mentioned above, you can grow your account rapidly, like Nina did. We did a post on November 23, 2019. In the post caption we mentioned that everyone needs to follow @ninazhouhanzo for more piercing inspirarion. And guess what… Based on statistics from Socialblade, Nina gained 598 followers in the first day, 172 in the second day and 72 on the third. A total of 842 new real followers which are interested in getting pierced.


Still not convinced?

As you can see, I gave Jane (a.k.a. @inkstajane) on 28-04-2019 a shoutout. She gained 1,103 followers on 28-04-2019 and 1,088 followers on 29-04-2019. Her average daily growth before we did this shoutout was just 172. She gained a total of 2191 followers through just one shoutout, isn’t that insane? 


And again.. perfect results ✅

I’ll show this to you to convince you that my account is worth a lot and the engagement is real!

As you can see, I gave @inkstajane on 08-05-2019 a shoutout and this post went viral again. She gained 296 followers on 08-05-2019, 522 followers on 09-05-2019 and 690 followers on 10-05-2019, while here average daily growth was 197.

This means that she gained more daily followers on the day we posted the video and the days after that. Not as much as the first shoutout, but she still gained 350% more followers throughout my shoutout.