Want to know everything about ear and nose piercings?

From different possibilities to aftercare tips! This handy e-book has it al!

Are you thinking about getting a piercing, but have not decided yet where to put it? Than this e-book can help! We have worked out every type of ear and nose piercing in this easy to follow book. You will receive tips about the correct placement of the piercing, the treatment and what to do if it actually becomes irritated

An EXTREMELY useful e-book in where we share our 23 years of experience with you! Everyone who has ever gotten a piercing or is thinking about getting one should read this book.

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90 pages full of tips!

Our e-book consists of a total of 90 pages full of tips and advices! Above here you can see a small preview of all that there is to find inside this e-book!

Reactions of readers

Sofie, 27 years old

“I was doubting myself quite a lot whether I should get a piercing or not. This book helped me in my decision to get one and gave me a lot of practical tips. I have gone for a Tragus piercing Myself. Thank you, Piercing Handbook”.

Rick, 21 years old

“This e-book is very easy to read. Because of the clear photos I have learned a lot about the different types of piercings”.