Nipple Piercing: How to Choose the Right Jewelry

nipple piercing

Why do men and women pierce their nipples? Well, many people get their nipples pierced because it looks cute and sexy. Nipple piercing is a trend these days. Not only celebrities but others are following this trend and flaunting nipple rings in style. If you consider to get a nipple ring, then get your nipples pierced right away!

What to choose as nipple jewelry though? It might be hard for you to find the perfect jewelry for your nipples with so many options. No need to fear. We are here to help. We have the best nipple jewelry guide available. Let us help you choose the right nipple jewelry hassle-free.

Choose the Right Material for Your Nipple Piercing

When getting nipple jewelry, you must know how to choose the material for the jewelry, especially if you have skin sensitivities or metal allergies. Some popular metals for nipple jewelry are gold, PTFE, titanium, stainless steel, and niobium. PTFE is commonly known as BioPlast or BioFlex, a hypoallergic metal, and it causes less to no allergies. PTFE is undoubtedly a great option, but if you are looking for something else, we recommend titanium and stainless surgical steel as they are the other safe options.

Choose the Right Gauge for Your Nipple Piercing

Choosing the right gauge for a nipple piercing is very important as the nipples are a very sensitive part of the body. 14 gauge is considered an ideal size for nipple piercing, and it is generally used as a first nipple piercing because it is of just the right size and length. If your piercing gauge islarger, sizing should not be a significant problem. You can also get pierced with 16G, which is relatively thinner than 14G, depending on your nipple structure and size. Barbells and clickers are the two main variations when looking for a nipple piercing gauge.

Choose the Right Size for Your Nipple Piercing

Choosing the right size of nipple jewelry is very important. When the piercing is new, you should select an extra-large piercing. If the barbell ring is not long enough, your nipple will get swelled, causing balls to be pressed into your skin. A long and internally-threaded nipple clicker or barbell is an ideal option when looking for nipple jewelry.

Why the Right Size is Important

Most people complain that their nipple rings keep coming out. The reason for this issue is the wrong size of the jewelry. In case your nipple swell, then small-sized nipple jewelry might not be able to hold on anymore. That is why you should always go for the long side of the nipple rings and gauge.

Choose the Right Nipple Piercing Style

The most crucial step when selecting the perfect jewelry for your nipple is choosing the right style for you. Here are some of the fashionable and trending styles you should check out.

Straight barbells

When looking for simple and cute jewelry, you should always go for straight barbells. Colored ends of the consecutive barbells look trendy and stunning. For a simpler and pretty design, go for a pearl end straight barbell.

Circular or Bent Barbells

As the name suggests, the circular or bent barbells are a twisted spiral that thread through the nipple piercing. If you choose bent barbells, you should go for a diamond or gold barbell, which will add elegance to your piercing. Shorter pieces of barbells are a great option and look great.

Nipple Clickers

Some people opt for nipple clickers instead of barbells because of the comfort it offers. Nipple clickers are very easy to open and close, which helps in easy insertion. If you are choosing clickers, then you do not have to worry about losing an attachment.

Nipple Shields

Nipple shields can be a fun and exotic addition to your jewelry collection. You should choose a unique and stylish nipple shield to give an artistic look to your nipples. Moreover, you should save your nipple shields for some special events because they are quite large and may cause irritation or discomfort.

Nipple Rings

Nipple rings are the perfect choice when looking for comfortable jewelry for your nipple. You can choose between captive, segmented or seamless nipple rings. All of these choices look perfect on both men and women. If you are in doubt about choosing nipple jewelry, go for rings because they are always in fashion and look extremely attractive.

Dangle Nipple Rings

As the name suggests, these dangle nipple rings consist of a dangle element. You should be careful while wearing a dangle nipple ring because it snags on your clothes. You should save these types of jewelry for special occasions as they are not comfortable enough for daily wear.  

nipple piercing

Choose The Right Side for Your Nipple Piercing

When it comes to nipple piercing, some people are skeptical. Finding out the right side of your nipple to pierce is one of the most asked queries. Well, if you ask us, then the answer is very simple. You should always choose the nipple that is on the side of the dominant hand. In certain scenes, piercing in the right nipple signifies that the person is submissive or bottom. Similarly, piercing in the left nipple signifies that the person is dominant or top. However, it is essential to understand that these communications and signaling depend on the context or situation. No reason to generalize. You should choose what feels good for you.

Final Words

Nipple piercings look scary to some. But they are very easy to get and easier than they look. We hope these points will help you choosing. But in addition, we suggest you to consult a professional nipple piercer if you want more details. Also, if you want to remove a nipple piercing then you can remove the jewelry yourself. The nipple piercing wound heals within six months of removing the jewelry. Make sure to always take good of your skin after getting pierced. Find out here how to do that.

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