Bridge Piercing Guide – Everything You Need to Know

Nose piercings are an edgy and out-of-the-box type of body piercing. While nostril piercings and septum piercings are very common nowadays, bridge piercing is also becoming a new hype. It is a type of piercing on the bridge of your nose, right at the narrow part between your eyes. These piercings are eye-catching and highly attractive.

They are trending because so many social media influencers and celebrities are opting for it. In all honesty, bridge piercing gives your face an entirely new look. So if you are up to changing your game and want to look amazing and you love piercings then bridge piercing is for you.

Bridge Piercing History and Symbolism

It all started as a sign of beauty in ancient times. Hundreds of years ago in native Middle American Aztec and Mayan cultures, being cross-eyed was considered the high standard of beauty. Therefore, they used bridge piercings to turn the eyes inwards. Maybe that is a strange theory. In fact, we do not know it if is true. But we do know from their remains and statues that bridge piercing was very popular. In modern days, this piercing symbolizes an artistic nature and is a form of body art. 

Bridge Piercing Cost and Pain

Usually, this kind of piercing costs $30 to $50, depending on the piercer. It is important to get the piercing from a well-known piercer with a good reputation. The piercer must use absolutely clean and up to date equipment. Granted, a good piercer may charge you a higher price. But never compromise on quality when it comes to your body!

The pain level depends upon the technique of the piercer. However, a bridge piercing from a good piercer can cause pain up to 7 out of 10.  That is less painfull than most face piercings though.

Pros and Cons 

If you are a fan of bridge piercings and want this piercing too, you need to know the pros and cons. Here is our list.


  • A bridge piercing gives you a completely new and unique look
  • It is trending and attractive
  • This type of piercing is more visible and draws attention
  • You can mix and match jewelry with other piercings
  • It is less painful than other face piercings


  • Higher chance of rejection by your body because the piercing is on the skin
  • Higher infection
  • Visible location can create problems in social and work life
  • High risk of permanent swelling
  • If you have fewer tissue and thinner skin on the bridge, there might be a chance that you cannot get a bridge piercing

Bridge Piercing Procedure

Contrary to popular belief, the bridge piercing happens on the flesh/skin of the bridge, not the bone. The needle doesn’t go through the bone; it just goes through the thin tissue of your flesh on the nose bridge.  Here is a list of what to take into account.

  1. Prepare yourself mentally for the piercing
  2. Look for a great piercer with a good reputation
  3. Do not rush to get the piercing. First, pay a visit to the piercer and look at its work and equipment. Second, take time to think it over
  4. Ask for reviews from people who have got piercing from the piercer
  5. Get your favorite jewelry ready for the piercing
  6. Keep the piercing area clean
  7. Determine the position and leave the rest to the piercer


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The bridge piercing is less painful than other facial piercings. Of course, that does not mean that you do not need proper aftercare. Click here to read exactly what you need to do regarding aftercare. Clean the piercing site according to the instructions on our website. Be careful to protect your eyes. Do not take the piercing jewelry out until the wound is completely healed. Healing can take up to 7 to 10 weeks and sometimes more than that so keep your calm and do not get anxious. This is simply how long it takes your body to heal. But do not worry, you will heal! In fact, swelling usually goes away in just a few days. If this does not happen or you have doubts, go see you general pratitioner.

Bridge Piercing Jewelry

For bridge piercings, the most commonly used jewelry are curved barbells. And straight barbells are suitable for this type of piercing too. Some people may want to wear rings on the bridge piercing. But sadly, rings cannot be worn due to the surface. There are D-shaped jewelry items that are better and more comfortable. Some screw style jewelry items are also popular for bridge piercings. 

The metals for bridge piercing jewelry are similar to other facial piercing jewelry. That includes silver, titanium, gold and surgical stainless steel. 

Some people use piercing retainers to heal the piercing faster. However, there are only certain types of retainers that can be used for piercings. Glass retainers are considered the best retainers for quick healing. These type of retainers have clear balls on visible edges. Other types are clear plastic and clear rubber piercing retainers. 

When You Take it Out

Whenever you have done a piercing in your face and remove the jewelry after some time, it is going to leave a scar. The skin at the piercing site takes the shape of the piercing jewelry. When the jewelry is removed, a scar usually becomes visible. But even if this is the case, you can easily cover this scar with a face cover foundation.

So, do you want to stand out in a crowd? Get your bridge piercing now. But be aware of possible complications, risks, and consequences before getting pierced. Follow the guidelines and do proper aftercare for the bridge piercing according to the instructions on our website. Once you have it, feel free to create your style and make a bold fashion statement!

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