Piercing Handbook is a professional educational platform for piercing lovers, both consumers and piercing artists. We encourage the use of our social community in which people help each other with tips and information. Piercing Handbook was founded to support people in their quest to explore new tools and offers information and answers to questions about piercings. Through a lot of work and effort, we have become the world’s number one blog on everything to do with piercings.

In addition, Piercing Handbook helps people with all their piercing problems. As you gather from our name, we are a handbook. According to the Cambridge Dictionary a handbook is “a book that contains instructions or advice about how to do something or the most important and useful information about a subject”. That definition is totally true for our website too. We hope you will enjoy and benefit from all the information our community has to offer. Check out our site straight away.

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Our Team

Jari Dohmen
Founder and marketeer

My name is Jari Dohmen. I founded the Piercing Handbook in 2013. I have no piercings or tattoo’s. But I love creating a community where people can help and interact with each other. In my daily life, I’m a physiotherapist in the Netherlands and I have my own online marketing agency. I believe in the continuous proces of learning and education. Knowledge is key and everyday I try to learn more. 


Jan-Willem plug
Linguistic specialist and co-founder

My name is Jan Willem. I take care of all the content and blogs on our website. People know me as the Instatripper because of the many trips I take and post on my Instagram account and travel website. It is my passion to explore the world. And one of the main reasons I do this is to meet people, learn and get a better understanding. I am an expert in languages and writing and a professional coach.


Erica Bautista - Piercing Handbook

Erica Bautista
Professional piercer and blogger

I have been piercing since 2009 and have thoroughly enjoyed every day of it. I worked in a tattoo shop as the head piercer for several years when I decided to open a piercing only studio. I am now the owner of Sparkle and Shine Piercing Studio in Murrieta, CA. And I write articles for our website.

More about Erica

I am also one of the founders of an international travel team of piercers and tattoo artists. We travel the world with our award-winning team. I believe in continuing education and am always learning new techniques to be the best piercer I can be. I follow all of the association of professional piercers standards in my strive to provide my clients with the best most comfortable experience. I love to share my knowledge with others to help educate consumers and other piercers in hopes that education will encourage smart choices when it comes to choosing a piercer or preforming unsafe piercings. My two favorite things are piercing and traveling, so if I am not at the studio, I am probably on vacation with my husband and son.