Buying Jewelry: 10 Tips to Keep in Mind

tips for buying jewelry

Jewelry is one of the most important aspects of your daily grooming. Without wearing jewelry your outfit seems incomplete. Want some great tips for buying jewelry? Don’t know what type of jewelry goes with what kind of outfit? Check out these 10 amazing tips for buying jewelry.

1. Always go for Buying Gold Jewelry

Even if you think that it doesn’t suit you. Trust us! It will match with the type of outfits you wear. You need to do some research before buying gold jewelry because there are three colors in the gold category. These are rose gold, yellow and white. See what color clothing you have in your closet and then buy the gold jewelry that fits. 

2. Keep Up-to-date with the Latest Jewelry Trends

The first thing that you need to do is list down what are the jewelry trends. This way you won’t feel outdated when wearing jewelry with your outfits. Also, check your jewelry collection before buying something. You may already have a great fit and do not need to buy anything.

3. Decide Your Spending Limit Before Buying Jewelry

This is a very important step as it will help you separate the budget that you will be spending on buying jewelry. This way, you won’t be overspending your savings. Secondly, list down the jewelry stores that have good discount offers available. This tip will be saving you lots of money that you can then spend on other things.

4. Never Buy Jewelry Alone

This tip is specifically for when you go to a jewelry store. Shopping alone can be fun at times, but when buying jewelry make sure to take a friend along. This way, you’ll get lots of help in choosing and deciding on which jewelry suits your outfits best. Another tip for buying jewelry is to avoid a sales person as much as you can. This is only possible when bringing a friend because he or she can help you dodge the salesperson and stick to your personal choices. 

5. When Buying Jewelry Online

If you don’t feel like visiting a jewelry store, then you can buy your jewelry online. This tip will save you lots of time, energy, and travel expenses. When shopping online you can open multiple tabs in your browser for different jewelry stores online. This will help you navigate through multiple stores and compare prices, offers, and jewelry.

tips for buying jewelry

6. Buying Diamond Jewelry

If you are buying diamond jewelry, then make sure to keep the following in mind. First, check the feedback of other customers about the (online) jewelry store. This will help you find out if it is a genuine store and you are spending your money safely. As for going to a physical jewelry store, go with a friend that already purchased from that jewelry store before.

7. Invest in Some Good Gemstones Jewelry

Wearing gemstones jewelry of your birthdate can be one amazing way to glam up. You may have to research your month of birth and see what gemstone is assigned to your birth month. So, for instance, if you’re born in November, you can wear citrine or topaz gemstone. This is because it is believed that not all gemstones jewelry suit you. Just to be on the safe side, make sure that you wear gemstones jewelry assigned specifically to your birth month.

8. Vintage Jewelry is Always Trending

Yes! You read that right. Vintage is always great. For finding vintage jewelry, you need to visit stores that have a vast variety of vintage jewelry. You will find lots of variety in their selection. There are two options in vintage jewelry: gold or silver. You will be finding vintage jewelry either with gemstones, pearls, marcasite stones, and many more. Just be sure to check which ones you need and which ones are highly trending.

9. Store Your Jewelry in Air-tight Boxes and Containers

Caring for your jewelry is important. Often, jewelry tends to wear out or get rusted. This is due to a lack of caring and cleaning. You can find cleaning kits at a jewelry store. But better to care for your jewelry instead. Prevention is better than curing. The same applies to jewelry. Try buying air-tight containers and boxes to prevent moisture and air to get inside and oxidize them. 

10. Check the Return Policy or Insurance

The last tip is to check whether you’re buying from an authentic store or not. Many jewelry stores sell inauthentic jewelry items. So the best way is to get a certificate of authenticity along with the jewelry. In addition, make sure the jewelry store has a return policy in case of a damaged or faulty piece that needs to be exchanged. 


These 10 are the most relevant and genuine tips for buying jewelry. We hope you enjoyed reading them and will benefit from them. Save this article so you can check it whenever you need it. If you are thinking about buying jewelry for a piercing, check out here what to keep in mind. And be sure to visit our blogs for more information.

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