10 Reasons Why You Need to Visit a Piercing Professional

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The piercing world has gone through lots of changes in recent years. A piercing professional once faced a lot of stereotypes. But they are now well-respected. Modern piercing studios are full of new techniques, beautiful jewellery and helpful tools.

Piercings are getting more popular. And more people have started to do piercings at home. This can have very bad consequences. So do-it-yourself piercings are really not a good idea. And we will tell you why. Here are 10 reasons why you should always go to a piercing professional in a proper studio.

1. Piercing Studios are Safe and Secure

One of the most important things about professional piercing studios is that the standards of hygiene are very high. Whether you go to a specialized piercing studio or a tattoo studio that also offers piercings, it is safe to say that it will be clean and secure.

As anyone who has worked in piercing can confirm, a good chunk of the training specifically revolves around hygience. This includes cleanliness and equipment maintenance. A good piercer takes safety very seriously when working with any client.

2. A Piercing Professional has Experience with Anxious Customers

Anxiety and side effects are real concerns for piercing professionals. People considering to to do their own piercings often do not consider the side effects during the procedure. Some people experience dizziness, anxiety or stress. Some people even faint. 

Piercing professionals cover this in their training. And they are able to keep their customers in good health. This is worth considering. Even for people who think they are not scared of needles.

3. A Piercing Professional Has a Portfolio

When people try to do their own piercings, they often work from a photo. A photo does not show what the piercing looks like in real life. Piercing professionals will have their own portfolios available. That way, they can walk customers through them to help them understand exactly what to expect.

4. Certified Piercers Get Lots of Training 

Piercing may not seem like a specialised trade to some people. But this could not be further from the truth. Professional piercing takes a creative mind, skilled hands and the ability to work under pressure.

In a professional studio, clients can be confident about the experience level of their piercer. No matter what the client is looking to get, the piercing professional will be able to pierce safely and effectively.

5. A Piercing Professional Know Where to Pierce

Another important thing to note is that a piercing professional knows the best place for a piercing. This involves both reducing pain and ensuring proper healing. A self-taught piercer will often not be able to achieve this on their own.

6. Studios Offer High-Quality and Safe Jewelry

Shopping online or in stores can make it difficult to find the right piercing jewelry. This is not always the case. But it is safer to go with a specialist supplier. A piece of jewelry may look pretty. But that does not indicate quality. And some jewelry can even be quite harmful. For example for someone with allergies.

Professional piercing studios will usually stock their own jewelry. And they pierce with exceptionally high quality pieces. Piercing professionals always keep healing and allergies in mind when picking their products. 

7. A Piercing Professional will Help with Jewelry Sizing

Another great thing about working with a piercing professional is that they can help you pick the right size of jewelry. For example, a customer may need a unique size jewelry. This is something that an experienced piercing professional can help out with. 

8. Aftercare Products are Available

Something that’s brilliant about going to a piercing professional is that studios will usually have plenty of aftercare products available. Of course, simple things like salt water solutions can be made at home. However, studios will stock the best of the best when it comes to aftercare.

Piercing professionals can help you pick out the best aftercare products. And they will recommend a care routine too. After all, every piercing will heal in a different manner. Professional piercers will tailor their advice to suit your personal needs.

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The best aftercare product available

9. A Professional Skill for Difficult Piercings

Some piercings are naturally more difficult than others. For example, genital piercings or dermal piercings in unique positions. This is something that many DIY piercers do not consider. 

Piercing professionals are able to perform complex piercings in a safe and comfortable environment. And they also do sensitive piercings in a comfortable and respectful way.

10. Follow-up Meetings Available

A final point to consider is that professional studios have consultations available. Most will do jewelry changes, too. Someone doing their own piercing, may not be able to get help from a piercing professional if something goes wrong. Consultations and follow-ups can be very good to have.

Choose a Professional 

All in all, if you are looking for a piercing it is essential to pick a great studio. Try to research your piercing professional before you go. Book a consultation if needed. And remember to follow the studio rules on the day you get pierced. Choose a professional so you can relax.

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Choose a professional so you can relax

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