10 Hottest Lip Piercing Ideas for Girls

Lip Piercing Guide

Girls look pretty and sexy with a lip piercing. If you are planning to get your lip pierced, you may want to look for a few ideas. After all, it is important to choose the right spot. Do you want a lip piercing in the middle? Or should it be a lip piercing on the side? So check out the hottest lip piercing ideas for girls. These lip piercing ideas will undoubtedly help you decide the best look for you.

1. Monroe Piercing

lip piercing
Monroe Piercing by Stefano Kinap

The Monroe lip piercing is on the upper left side of the lip. This lip piercing side is slightly off the middle and makes it look super chic and stunning. If you are looking for a bold and glam look, this lip piercing idea is the best. Moreover, you do not need to get a lip piercing ring. You can get a stud for this.

2. Madonna Piercing

lip piercing
Madonna Piercing by Stefano Kinap

There is no massive difference between the previous option and the Madonna piercing. The Madonna piercing is on the right side of the upper lip. It looks stunning. And, again, you do not need the lip piercing ring. However, you need to take care of the lip piercing healing process. You mustn’t get the lip piercing infected.

3. Lip Piercing Medusa

lip piercing
Medusa Piercing by Stefano Kinap

The Medusa is the famous kind of lip piercing done on the upper lip, just on the middle of the lip. Again, you do not need to add a lip piercing ring. Instead, you can use a stud, which looks stunning. This is a bold style that not many people can carry, but if you are confident about it, you should get it. Moreover, keep in mind the lip piercing aftercare.

4. Vertical Labret Piercing

lip piercing
Vertical Labret Piercing by Stefano Kinap

The Vertical Labret is special. If you want something that is not basic, you should get this lip piercing done on the top surface of the upper lip and the bottom surface. You will find two studs, one on the upper left and one on the bottom side of the upper lip. It is very cool.

5. Dahlia Lip Piercing 

Dahlia lip piercing by Gabriele Di Dio

Another different kind of Lip piercing is this Dahlia lip piercing. It is uncommon, but it is still an idea if you want something out of the box. In this kind of piercing, you can get two studs on both corners of the lips. It is not in fashion anymore, but if you have enough confidence to carry it, this will be the perfect option. However, before experimenting with various materials of studs, please wait for your lip piercing healing process.

6. Lip Piercing Labret

Labret Piercing by Stefano Kinap

One of the more common lip piercing ideas is this beautitul labret piercing. This one is on the opposite side of the lip. You can also think of it as a lip piercing in the middle on the lower lip.

7. Angel Bites Lip Piercing

Angle Bites by Thitiya Phoosakaew

Angel Bites lip piercings are a bold style of lip piercing in which the piercing is done on the upper lip on both sides. It looks hot and sexy, but not everyone is capable of carrying this lip piercing ASMR.

8. Horizontal Lip Piercing

Horizontal Piercing by Seleyna

This horizontal lip piercing is the type in which you get your lips pierced on the lower lip. It is not under the lips, but it is literally on the lips. Two studs are placed on the lips horizontally, and it becomes highly prominent.

9. Lip Piercing Snakebites

Lip piercing Snakebites by Stefano Kinap

The lip piercing Snakebite is another simple idea. Do you want to get a lip piercing that is unusual? In that case, this Snakebite lip piercing idea is the best. It constists of two lip piercings on both sides of the lower lip.

10. Vertical Lip Piercing

Another impressive and hot lip piercing idea is to get your lips pierced horizontally on the lower left. This means you get your lip pierced on the lower lip and under the lower lip. It looks stunning, and you can rock it without any trouble. If you want your personality to make a significant appearance, then getting your lips pierced like this is a great idea.

Can Lip Piercing Make You Feel Cute?

Yes absolutely! Piercings can make you feel adorable if you are getting it on the nose or the tragus. However, if you are getting your lips pierced, it will give you a bold and confident personality. Also, it will make you a lot more attractive and sexy instantly.

Is It Dangerous to Get Your Lips Pierced?

No! It is not dangerous. However, you must take care of your lip piercing. The lip piercing aftercare is essential, and without could care you could get an infection. Obviously, you do not want your lip piercing infected. Therefore, take extra special care of your lip piercing to make it look sexy and exotic. Click here to find out how to do it.

Having Doubts?

If you are skeptical about lip piercings not being sexy enough, then wait a bit to clear your doubts. Do you worry that you might end up regretting it? Then read the stories of people with lip piercings or talk to friends that have them. If you are inspired and want to look sexy and hot, then there is no going back. Don’t worry about anything. Get your lip piercing and look stunning!

The above 10 hottest lip piercing ideas for girls are the best lip piercing compilation available. Choose the idea you like most and get your favorite lip piercing. Honestly, they do not only look stunning but also make you feel confident and sexy.

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